Saturday, July 15

Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Beatles

Has any band ever sold out and retained their credibility as well as The Beatles? Maybe it's because they broke up without riding out their legacy too long; perhaps it's because the music was just that damn good. Either way, one interesting artifact of the "Beatles mania" four decades ago was a syndicated cartoon featuring the band.

Airing from 1965-1969, the cartoon featured many performances of Beatles' classics by their cartoon counterparts interspersed among ridiculous storylines. A few of my favorites are presented below. Saturday mornings are for cartoons, right?

"Tomorrow Never Knows":

"Run for Your Life":

"Strawberry Fields Forever":

For more, see YouTube.


Anonymous james said...

i think, rich, that they were just that damn good. they could have sold out and let the tory party use 'revolution' as a campaign song and it wouldn't have mattered.

10:40 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

I can't believe they actually used Tomorrow Never Knows on the cartoon show...that's hilarious. They really ought to release these on DVD.

6:57 PM


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