Thursday, July 13

M Coast album pre-sale (and KFS pre-sale reminder)

The forthcoming M Coast (formerly Marshmallow Coast) album, Say It In Slang, is now available for pre-sale from Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. I ordered mine today. Supposedly pre-orders will come with special packaging and a bunch of goodies, and they're only $11. Apparently the only catch is that it isn't out until sometime in September or October. I'll take the wait in exchange for cool packaging and bonus goodies.

To encourage you to purchase the CD, here are a few demos of tracks from Say It In Slang. I wrote reviews of these tracks back in May, but here they are again:

M Coast - Sail Around the World
M Coast - Out of the Water
M Coast - Johnny Kasai

Order Say It In Slang here.

The M Coast have an upcoming show with 63 Crayons on July 22 at Secret Squirrel in Athens. Anybody wanna carpool over there from ATL? That's gonna be a great night of indie pop.

Oh, and remember that the Kite Flying Society album is available for pre-sale too. It'll certainly keep you entertained all summer while you're waiting on your M Coast CD. Yep. Once again, here are some more tracks I posted back in May to remind you of how good they are:

Kite Flying Society - 6000 Shipwrecks
Kite Flying Society - Groundflower
Kite Flying Society - Love & Seagulls

Order Where Is the Glow? here. Pre-orders get a bonus CD of non-album material.

Couple of fine indie pop bands, eh?


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

I may be up for the Athens trip. Gimme a cawl....

3:08 PM

Blogger hhbtmike said...

63 crayons will not be playing that night, they are doing thursday at secret squirrel, but the late bp and m coast will be on saturday w/ doug gillard. however if you have 3 hour drive to spare check out the grand palace in murfreesboro, tn on saturday as the show is 5 bucks and you get how i became the bomb, casper and the cookies, bunnygrunt, cars can be blue, ocelots, velcro stars, visitations, and russian spy camera. should be a blast either way. mike

4:25 AM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

It's weird, there's no listing for Secret Squirrel in the Flagpole (online), or their shows. What's up with that? I'd like to see M Coast.

2:33 PM


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