Saturday, July 15

Danielson - "Did I Step on Your Remix?"

While I've only recently picked up Danielson's Ships album (Pfork review here), which was released back in May, I've been really enjoying the widely circulated "Did I Step on Your Trumpet?" track for several months now. In fact, it may be one of my favorite songs of the year so far. It's rather weird, but somehow still infectious.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that a remix of the song was released on 7" vinyl a while back and is available from Anticon Records. Umm... nifty. It was one of a few vinyl releases the band put out prior to the release of Ships, it seems. The vinyl pressing was limited to only 1500, but it appears some are still available. This remix was actually the B-side (technically, AA-side) of the "I'm Slow, but I'm Sloppy" single. You can purchase it here.

Here are the original track and the remix. Checka-check 'em out:

Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet?
Danielson - Did I Step on Your Remix?

For more on the vinyl releases see Danielson's website.


Anonymous brandon said...

yo...i really dig that record too. might in the running for my top 10 by years end...mad props to danielson.

7:44 PM


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