Sunday, July 23

TMNT teaser trailer online & Little Miss Sunshine

Man, did I ever watch me some Ninja Turtles back in elementary school. I used to have toys of Leo, Donny, Raph, and Mikey that would regularly kick the asses of Shredder and the legions of the Foot. Many of you have probably seen the live action films based on the characters in the early 1990s. Now those are being followed up (to an extent, it seems) with an animated CGI film based on the characters. It looks to be darker than prior versions of the characters, consistent with the comics that spawned them in the first place. The teaser trailer was just released, and is online here (via Apple) or here (via YouTube).

The film is due out in March 2007, and reportedly includes neither Vanilla Ice nor ninja-rapping of any sort. Although an animated MF Doom might an acceptable addition.

In other movie news, I caught an advance screening of Little Miss Sunshine last week and it is terrific. If you like bittersweet indie flicks with a wicked sense of humor, do check it out. Don't just take my word for it -- it has a 93% positive rating at Wow.


Blogger 3redsquares said...

yeah I was at that screening as well. great flick with an even better soundtrack.

8:57 PM

Blogger Rich said...

And you can even be the soundtrack's friend on MySpace. WTF? Can you imagine if they'd done this for Garden State?

9:06 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Yea i saw the TMNT trailer too....this and Transformers is freaking geek overload. We can only hope it has Krang and the other oddball characters from the cartoon. Did you know Uncle Phil off Fresh Prince of Bel-Air did the Shredder's voice? hahaha I had no idea. Oh, and Ninja Rap is the best song ever.

11:02 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Uncle Phil was Shredder? Holy crap! Next you're gonna tell me that Carlton was Baxter Stockman.

That Transformers teaser was a bit weak, I thought. Just a teaser, but should have given us a better look at 'em.

11:11 PM


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