Wednesday, July 19

Jon Auer covers everybody

Well, not quite everybody, but you get the idea.

Here we have Jon Auer (Big Star, Posies, etc.) covering a few songs you might recognize. Who ever thought the guy from The Posies would cover Madonna? I hope you enjoy these as much as I do:

Jon Auer - Baby Bitch [Ween cover; 12-15-2001]
Jon Auer - Is She Really Going Out With Him? [Joe Jackson cover; 6-30-2000]
Jon Auer - Beautiful Stranger [Madonna cover; 12-15-2001]
Jon Auer - Gold Star for Robot Boy [Guided by Voices cover; 12-15-2001]

For more on Auer, including more songs and tour dates, see his MySpace.

Thanks to C&T buddy Stan for passing them along!


If you're in the Nashville area, note that Out the Other is giving away tickets to see The Format this Sunday at the Exit/In. Go there for the 411 and some mp3 samples.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice jon auer post indeed. elsewhere i thought to mention that the following site has quite a bit of live Format stuff up for download
cheers Mick Dillingham

2:23 PM


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