Thursday, July 20

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals 6-2-2006 @ World Cafe

Just how much fun are Grace Potter and the Nocturnals? They kicked my ass at Bonnaroo, and since then I've been thoroughly enjoying their albums and live recordings. She's been all over the blogs, including this one, so I doubt a lengthy bio is necessary. In short, this is one feisty gal with a fatty B-3, supported by a talented and energetic backing band. As much as I like the studio albums, I have to say their live shows are even better.

Recently my friend Adrienne pointed me in the direction of their performance on NPR's World Cafe program, and I decided to capture the stream and cut it up into tracks for the sake of convenience. I thought C&T's readers would enjoy this too, so it's available below for download. Good Lord I can't wait 'til these guys make it to the southeast.

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
June 2, 2006
World Cafe
Philadelphia, PA

Taping: Streaming audio ( > audio output > Nomad JB3 > 44.1 wav
Conversion: .wav > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD Wave

01. Treat Me Right
02. banter
03. Ragged Company
04. banter
05. My Toothbrush and My Table
06. banter
07. Left Behind
08. banter/intros
09. Over Again
10. banter
11. Joey
12. banter/tuning
13. Belladonna
14. banter
15. Nothing But the Water
16. outro/station ID

Thanks very much to NPR and World Cafe for making the show available. Be sure to support their programming!

By the way folks, look at all the great stuff coming to The EARL:

7/20 Sound Team, Cold War Kids, The Preakness
7/21 YOU, Modern Skirts
7/31 The Minders, The Kingdom, The Protectors Of
8/4 Telegram, Engineering, Creve Coeur, Elevado, Atlanta Rollergirls
8/5 The Selmanaires, Forget Cassettes, El Hub
8/6 The Selmanaires (dunch)
8/6 The Clientele, Great Lakes, Snowden
8/9 Thee Crucials, Poison Control Center, Sound AD
8/11 Charles Walker & the Dynamites
8/17 All the Saints, Bones, The Judies
8/18 The Hiss, Variac (CD release), KillGordon
8/19 Elf Power, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Jupiter Watts
8/26 Syd Barret tribute (The Sweetloves, Mike Wright, and more...)
8/31 Birdmonster, The Sammies
9/8 Ultrababyfat (CD release), The Preakness, others..
9/9 The Features, Sovus Radio, Parade
9/22 Magnolia Electric Co.
9/23 Jose Gonzalez
9/26 The Electric Six
9/30 Luigi, Producto, The Skinwalkers
10/4 The Hold Steady
10/11 Damien Jurado
10/26 Alejandro Escovedo

Hopefully the Nuclear No-Shows (thanks Paulie) will make an appearance this time. Quite a lineup, eh?


Blogger Paulie said...

My pleasure Rich. :)

I bought a "ticket" to the Elf Power / Margot show last night.

2:51 PM

Blogger The Falconer said...

Jose Gonzalez will be great in a club of that size.

8:02 PM


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