Saturday, August 12

Cassavetes in search of new member(s)

Atlanta band Cassavetes is looking for a new member. I've featured the band here before, and the locals may have already seen them live in ATL. They've been playing as a quartet, but recently a member of the band, Tyler Woodstrom, has had to part with Cassavetes due to moving out of town for school. As Tyler played keys, guitar, and trumpet the band is apparently considering taking on more than one new member to make up for his departure.

I've described their sound as sort of Constantines-meets-Wilco, and they seem to agree. They've just released a new album, Funny Story, and have a good deal of original material. In fact, I don't think I've seen them play a cover yet live. In addition, I can add that they seem to be really good guys. Here are a couple tracks from Funny Story:

Cassavetes - My Heart Your Beat
Cassavetes - An Ancient Mistake

For more on the band, see their official site or their MySpace page. Interested parties can contact them via MySpace.

The band has also posted an ad for the position(s) on Craigslist, through which you can contact the band directly.


Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

did you like the new album?

btw, if you're not busy friday, you know who will be at the earl.

3:10 PM

Blogger Tessa said...

Thanks so much for posting this.

1:00 AM

Anonymous The Online Shopping Mall said...

Cassavetes is a well-known band in Atlanta and their music is a special one. I can say I am their fan! About their latest album, I think it's the best they ever had and for sure it's going to be a success!

12:07 PM

Anonymous Mr.Rehab said...

"We're somewhat of a young band with old roots. old guys with new ideas. new guys with old ideas, at times a little of both." (CASSAVETES)

8:26 AM

Anonymous Cassie said...

They're still looking as of the Georgia Music Show the other night.

11:48 PM


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