Sunday, November 5

These United States, Paleo, and Pistolero at ISP Studio, November 19

I haven't been to the new ISP Studio space (494 Flat Shoals Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) yet, but I may have an excuse now. On November 19, D.C.-area band These United States will be there along with Paleo and Pistolero. My understanding is that this will be an afternoon show, starting at around 4pm.

These United States have a familiar sort of jangly psych-garage sound that I really like -- they're what the Black Lips might sound like if they were more in the tradition of the Flaming Lips or Eels than Nuggets-era punk acts. I only just learned of them from Harmany Music, but they sound quite promising. I'm not too familiar with the D.C. music scene, but it appears they have quite a following up in the District.

Information on Paleo is a little hard to find, so I welcome anything you can offer in the comments. From what I can tell, it is primarily the project of a gentleman named Dave Strackany. Generally they seem to be in the lo-fi indie folk vein, with a hushed and fragile sound along the lines of Iron & Wine and some Phil Elverum projects. There's also an occassional whiff of Conor Oberst in the vocal. They've been touring to support their album Misery, Missouri which is available online. A positive review was published by Splendid Magazine, and links to more are available on their MySpace page.

Atlanta's own Pistolero call themselves "gunfighters from the world of love" on their MySpace, which is amusing if nothing else. Despite the fact they're locals, I've never seem them play out. From what I can tell they aren't kidding when they say that they're "heavily inspired by the music pouring out of Britain between the mid 60's through the mid 70's." Certainly seem like an act worth checking out.

Here are tracks to sample from each of the bands:

These United States - The Business
These United States - Kings and Aces (live)

Paleo - In the Morning Linda Dies
Paleo - When Money Talks

Pistolero - Godless Summer (left click -> Save to Disk)
Pistolero - God is Thicker Than Love (.m4a)

Paleo has been posting a new song every day on their site. I only sampled a few. If you come across one you think is particularly good, feel free to say so in the comments.

Now, back to watching election coverage on C-Span. Only two days until the election!


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