Sunday, December 17

New Mountain Goats - "Michael Myers Resplendent"

Heads up, Mountain Goats fans. John Darnielle has just given you a holiday gift.

Over on the official MG site, a new and unreleased demo track has been posted. It's called "Michael Myers Resplendent." As the name implies, it's about the lead baddy in the Halloween series. Well, so says Darnielle, but the lyrics imply a shift of viewpoint between the character and whoever is portaying him. Or is it that of the villain as himself? Hmm.. I'd prefer you check out his explanation. Listen to it for yourself:

The Mountain Goats - Michael Myers Resplendent (demo)

According to the site, this track is likely to appear on the next Mountain Goats record in some form. Please go there for more info on the song or the band itself. Anyhow... thanks John!


Blogger Rachel said...


Thanks for the heads up, this was an awesome gift indeed.

12:20 AM

Anonymous Diamonds said...

This song is part of a series that as yet has no title and, as of this writing, only a vague thematic thread.

8:49 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Uh... yep. That's what it says on the site.

10:14 AM

Anonymous tMG_fan said...

After the Sunset Tree John said he was working on a CD about monsters. The next CD, Get Lonely, turned out to be about sadness and depression. Since John says this new track is likely to appear on his next CD maybe the next one will be the long awaited CD about monsters. Too cool

8:24 PM

Blogger cooltopten said...

Michael myers rocks .
check his for a new slant on michael myers as a man

11:58 AM

Anonymous online loan said...

Leatherface vs Michael myers is a real slasher Battle, cooltopten.

9:12 AM

Anonymous Erik said...

Is there any chance you could re-up this? All the links I can find are expired. Just figures that the one week I neglect to keep up with the Hype Machine...!

At any rate, I'd really appreciate if you could put it back up again.

1:58 AM


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