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We Landed On The Moon! | Atlanta Show 12/20

Hello, Paul here from The Yellow Stereo as Rich asked me to cross-post the write-up I did of We Landed On The Moon! on my site a couple of days ago. They played here in Auburn last night, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it even though I had planned on going. So with that, I can't really tell you how the show went. For those who are interested, the band is going to be coming to Lenny's on Wednesday night. I'll post a couple of mp3s for all of you to snack on along with a little explanation about the group.

I received an email yesterday informing me of Baton Rouge’s We Landed On The Moon! who are scheduled to play at Roosters here in Auburn this Saturday night. I had no idea who the band was, and I was kinda afraid to listen because of the fact that they were indeed playing here in town, which usually meant nothing good at all. Though the name, which is even too twee for me, is not a good representation of what you might expect from their sound. With a cringe-worthy mention in their bio of the Dukes of Hazzard film cast as ‘”friends” aside, this is good ol’ femme-fronted pop-rock. Note to future band bios: don't mention Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville and Stifler as fans of your music. What takes center stage with these tracks is the amazing vocal range of Melissa Eccles, as her voice manages to go from soft and restrained to full-on brashness. If you’d like to read more, check out Frank of Chromewave’s little snippet of their debut.

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We Landed On The Moon! | “Everything is Fine”
We Landed On The Moon! | “Before the Lights Come Up”

12.15 Mobile, AL @ Margarita’s Bar
12.16 Auburn, AL @ Roosters
12.19 Chapel Hill, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
12.20 Atlanta, GA @ Lenny’s
12.21 Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
12.22 Hattiesburg, MS @ Thirsty Hippo
12.23 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
01.12 New Orleans, LA @ The Howlin’ Wolf


Rich here -- the band has also given me one copy of their album to give away to a reader. If you want in, please send me an e-mail with "moon landing" in the subject line. I'll pick a winner at random on Wednesday (12/20) before the Lenny's show.


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