Monday, December 18

New Black Lips - "Not a Problem"

Atlanta garage-punk stars the Black Lips have a new album due out on February 20 called Los Valentes del Mundo Nuevo (on Vice Records). It's a live recording of a gig in Tijuana with their usual brand of scuzz and swagger, and even (reportedly) a Mariachi band. Seriously. I haven't heard the full record yet, but the good people at Vice have been kind enough to send along a track to sample. Here 'tis:

Black Lips - Not a Problem (live)

I'll have more info on purchasing the album and such in the near future. For now, you can pick up their most recent available release, Let It Bloom, from Amazon or other retailers. The 7" of "Oh Katrina" has also recently been repressed by Rob's House Records.

Atlanta folks should know they'll be at The EARL on January 12 backing up The Mighty Hannibal. Tix are available online.

Bonus mp3:
Black Lips - I've Got a Knife
Black Lips - Oh Katrina


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Thanks Rich! I saw the boys last Sat at Lenny's where a few of them were DJing after Vietnam played and they are working on adding layers of different instruments with some guest musicians. They are really excited about it.

6:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I know their label is excited about 'em. I've rarely seen such a gushing press release in which the author actually, obviously *meant* what they said.

I imagine they're in for a hell of a year.

6:41 PM

Blogger Paul said...

I've seen this band mentioned elsewhere, but I kept getting it mixed up with The Black Keys (who I don't like at all). I think it made me pass over listening to the band just cos of that. Thanks for the track though, good stuff.

8:31 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Awesome! They have worked very hard for a long time, coming back stronger than ever even after the death of one of their founders, and they sure deserve it!

8:32 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

Hey Rich, We've lined up another in-store with the Black Lips at Criminal Records. I think it's gonna be on Feb. 20th, when their live album comes out. Which means it will be a party. Which means there will be cake! Yay! Check out this photo from the last in-store they did.

2:36 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Lillian, that's hot.

1:20 AM

Anonymous William said...

====> NYE - 12/31/2006 @ SILENT BARN

:: party band-o-rama!

:: Black Lips
:::::: the Fugue —— People’s Court mustache-man!
:::::::: the Young Men —— x Bent Outta Shape

:: DEATHCHURCH dj crewe - Ropstyle & Forest Love

[ SILENT BARN ] aka Raven’s Den aka Club Krib
915 Wyckoff Ave @ Hancock St | Ridgewood/Bushwick, QNS/BKLYN
L-Halsey or M-Myrtle/Wyckoff | 9pm till super late | ALL AGES | $8

9:41 PM


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