Monday, December 18

Hey baseball fans...

For those who haven't peeked yet, the 2007 Major League Baseball schedules are up. I took a look at the Braves and Cubs schedules and it looks like I'm in for a good year, including a stocked April:

4/13 Reds @ Cubs
4/14 Reds @ Cubs [I should make it to one of those; I'll be in CHI]
4/15 Reds @ Cubs

And then, at The Ted...

4/18 Cubs @ Braves
4/19 Cubs @ Braves
6/07 Cubs @ Braves
6/08 Cubs @ Braves
6/09 Cubs @ Braves
6/10 Cubs @ Braves

Woo! There's been some chatter about getting some of us local music folks (I guess I count...?) to go see a game as a group. Any wider interest in that? We can all talk about how much we love Bruce Sutter, Greg Maddux, and Kelly Hogan. Seriously though, if there's interest we can try to organize something. Eh?


Anonymous JamesD said...

July 19-22... I'm there if it works for you. Keep me posted on your progress.

8:54 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Well that's incentive to get my shit done then. So I can go root against the Cardinals. Whew!

8:57 PM

Anonymous JamesD said...

World Champion Cardinals... come on, show some respect.

9:01 PM

Blogger Rich said...


9:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

its no use.

9:33 PM

Blogger Paul said...

The Braves mucked their chance at getting both Glavine and Maddux back to end their careers in Atlanta. Would've been great to get to see them pitch in a Braves uniform one more time.

I've been a huge Braves fan since their 91' pennant run....yes unfortunately I could be considered one of the spoiled fans.

If you can count a guy from Auburn with going to see a game with you guys, I would love to go!

11:20 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Of course, Paul. We're still letting people cross the state line.

It's important for Georgians to be nice to Alabamans. We still need a place to buy beer on Sundays.

11:28 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Oh, and about Maddux... he was the winning pitcher (3-0, Cubs over Montreal) in the first MLB game I ever attended. It was back in '88 when Mark Grace was a rookie. I still have the tickets. :D

11:42 PM

Blogger The Falconer said...

The good thing about those April Cubs-Braves games is that the Cubs might still be in contention that early :)

11:25 AM

Blogger Paul said...

The Cubs spent a shit load of money this year. Anything less than the playoffs would be saddening.

2:57 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'm not gonna go that far. They only won 66 games last year, and they've really only upgraded 1 OF slot and 1 slot in the starting rotation (remember, they traded away Maddux). And they still might trade away Jacque Jones, leaving a hole in CF to be filled.

I guess DeRosa is a slight upgrade over the 2B spot last year, but he's no savior. Hopefully they'll be competitive and build on that. At least the Central looks fairly weak.

3:03 PM

Anonymous Jamesd said...

The Cubbies are certainly making a push to end this ridiculous 'streak' before it reaches the century mark. Imagine if Zambrano, Prior, Wood & Lilly all pitch injury free and to their potential... kind of scary. Marquis might be an adequate 5th man but he's terribly streaky (good bat though). They have the best bats of any pitching staff period. If the rest of their lineup stays healthy (I'm looking at DLee), then they'll be tough this year. And all this coming from a die-hard Cardinals fan. Gulp!

4:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell yeah I'm there (if we're around)!
-Jenn C.

5:37 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Oh, hell yes. We've got a Cogburn on board! ;)

5:41 PM


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