Monday, January 15

Superhero goodness

Because I've been inspired by the leaked pics of the Spidey 3 Venom toy design, here's some fun superhero songs by bands from ol' Dixie:

The Wee Turtles - Flame On! My Life as the Human Torch
The Wee Turtles on MySpace

Cars Can Be Blue - Batman [not safe for work]
Cars Can Be Blue on MySpace

Beanstalk - Spider Jam [Spider-Man theme cover]
(defunct Florida band, no linky link)

For good measure, here's a golden oldie by a band from about 4,000 miles from the South... but whatever. With the props above to Matchstick Johnny, the Dark Knight, and your friendly neighbood wall-crawler, I thought it would also be nice to feature a tribute to a lesser (though more flexible) hero:

The Kinks - Plastic Man

For the curious, there's an extensive list of superhero-related songs up at

In other superhero news, SciFi Channel has given the green light to the development of a new Flash Gordon TV series. It's set to debut in July 2007. Neat.


Of Montreal may not be superheroes, but they rock anyway. Live Music Blog has the audio of their August 19, 2006, show at the 40 Watt Club in Athens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iggy Pop's live cover of the Batman theme with Brian James (I think?) on guitar.

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