Friday, February 9

How I Became the Bomb - "Runaway" (live)

Murfreesboro's How I Became the Bomb busted out several unreleased songs last Saturday at Caledonia Lounge, including a fun cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway." The original hit #1 back in 1961, and was among the earliest pop hits to feature a sort of synthesizer (so says Wikipedia, anyway). The Bomb played a fun, if somewhat raw, version of this classic.

How I Became the Bomb - Runaway [Del Shannon cover; live 2-3-2007]

How I Became the Bomb will be at Atlanta's Smith's Olde Bar on Feb. 16 as part of the ASCAP showcase produced by The Devil Stole the Beat. For more on The Bomb, check out MySpace.

Their EP, Let's Go, is available from their website.
How I Became the Bomb - Secret Identity
How I Became the Bomb - Robo


Blogger Michelle said...

Woohoo! I am really excited about this show-- mostly for my "band of the year" Summerbirds in the Cellar :) Make sure to get there early for them!! ALSO, I just posted a podcast dedicated to the Devil Stole the Beat series. Check it out at Just click on the iPod on the right. We play music from I am the Bomb and a few others...

-michelle, harlotpr

8:16 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That's the plan, Michelle. See Summerbirds and The Bomb, and then jet over to The EARL in time to see The Preakness.

Should be a super night.

2:44 AM

Anonymous james said...

love the 'runaway' cover. thanks for posting rich....

8:07 AM

Blogger Joe Baine said...

A proper version of this screams UK B-side to me. SCREAMS!

6:48 AM


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