Thursday, February 1

THE MOON RULZ #1!!! -- Boston officials are farking idiots

Apologies for the detour into national events, but this deals with a TV program dear to my heart so I'm gonna go there.

Attention, C&T readers: The following Boston-area officials are, it seems, complete farking idiots:

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick
Boston Mayor Tom Menino
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis
U.S. Representative Ed Markey
District Attorney Daniel Conley
Assistant Attorney General John Grossman

I'm sure they aren't the only ones, but they've been visible in print and televised media spouting rhetoric, hyperbole, and ignorant nonsense about the phony "bomb scare" in their city yesterday. I imagine you're familiar with the events in question. Each and every one of them needs to pull his respective head out his respective ass.

The apologies issued by Turner Broadcasting and Adult Swim are more than the individuals above deserve, and each of them should apologize to the citizens of Boston, as well as to Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens. The latter gentlemen now face felony charges for attempting to incite a panic in the city, which anyone with any sense knows they did not do. This is asinine, and city officials should back down before they come off looking even worse (unless, that is, the people of Boston truly fear two-dimensional invaders from the Moon). Everyone under 30 in America is already laughing at them for reacting like this to Lite Brite boards with Ignignokt and Err flipping the bird. I can only imagine how they'll react to the impending Glo Worm invasion.

When this blows over, it's clear that Berdovsky and Stevens will face nothing more than misdemeanor charges for some lame offense with a minor fine. Nothing more is justified. The judge in the case is already showing signs of sanity, thank goodness. Furthermore, one would think that somewhere within the police force there would be someone with sufficient detective skills to identify a prominent character from a well-known television program and contact its parent company. That's how it seems to have been handled in the other major cities where anyone even noticed these things hanging for 2-3 weeks without incident. The Mooninites aren't as ubiquitous as Mickey Mouse, sure, but I would hope Boston/Massachusetts law enforcement would investigate a bit deeper before unjustifiably freaking out the populace and shutting down parts of the city (the very act Berdovsky and Stevens are accused of, incidentally).

Perhaps the officials above should watch some Adult Swim sometime and lighten up. Yeesh.

D Schoolly - Mooninite Death March


Blogger Matthew said...

Ah Rich, to quote Bill Hicks: 'The 'plea for sanity' dollar - huge market!'

I know it's political and not musical, but I am glad you wrote this and I agree 100%. There are threats to our collective safety and then there are pompous, self-important, mentally deficient public officials seeking to make themselves look concerned and important by hysterically over-reacting to trivial nonsense.

This is the executive version of that dick at airport security who stops you getting on a plane for sarcastically wondering exactly how one is supposed to hijack an entire airliner using only a pair of souvenir nail-clippers.

8:51 AM

Blogger alex said...

This is more publicity that I bet Adult Swim ever intended. Even with the future legal fees included, I'm sure they're getting more publicity than they would even pay for.

I wonder how many non-watchers are going to tune in to see what all this hooplah is all about.

9:35 AM

Blogger Brandon said...

yeah...the guys who came up with this campaign deserve a raise.

9:46 AM

Blogger Rich said...

That's the "good" to come out of this, I suppose. Hundreds of millions of dollars in free advertising, with public opinion coalescing around the notion that Boston officials CLEARLY overreacted.

Was disturbed to see in the AJC that Turner is likely to pay much of the city's costs for this insanity. That's ridiculous in principle, but I can see why they might like to just move past this and accept the minor hit. Time Warner can obviously afford it.

9:47 AM

Blogger samantha fay said...

i think the whole of boston should be apologizing to adult swim.

10:31 AM

Anonymous james said...

amen, rich. this seems to be the conventional wisdom.

my favorite was the mayor of boston going on some anti-corporate tirade....

1:09 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I can't get over the state legal official (possibly the AG or deputy AG, I'd have to check) who said the intent of the marketing campaign was to incite a series of bomb scares. That is just off-the-charts stupid.

1:31 PM

Blogger Paul said...

yay for gorilla marketing. i like what those two guys said about only answering questions about 70's haircuts.

hahaha nice image on your sidebar. I'm stealing that and putting on mine.

3:49 PM

Blogger robbie dee said...

uh, yeah, i can see how those things pose as a legitimate BOMB THREAT... riiiiiight. pretty bizarre rationale employed by the government and pretty awesome tactics by the dudes who set that up. if i saw one of those around town, i'd make sure to duck and cover! hahaha...

1:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Boston and I am glad that everyone in question reacted the way they did. They have a responsibility to investigate every threat and, I would say, electronic devices with wires/circuit boards/lights attached to overpasses/bridge is a credible, suspicious threat. It turned out to just be a (completely idiotic) marketing campaign...but no one at the time knew what they were. It would suck to be on the other side...if they were ignored and turned out to be real.

And the total fucking douchebags that put these up...maybe they won't fact any serious charges, but can we put them in jail just for being such huge douches?? That's all.

10:29 AM


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