Saturday, February 3

Looking ahead to Super Sunday

Other than Prince, I have no idea who to root for on Sunday. I grew up as a fan of both the Bears and Colts. Never have picked a favorite, and it's never really mattered. This presents a complication tomorrow. I do normally favor NFC over AFC teams, but my family as a whole is certainly more inclined to root for Indy. Either way, I'll be excited for the victor. Who are you pulling for?

Prince - Black Sweat
Sir Georg Solti/Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Bear Down, Chicago Bears
Mudkids - Go Blue (Colts) [AP article on this song]

Oh, and if anybody's gonna be at the Caledonia Lounge tonight for How I Became the Bomb, Russian Spy Camera, and Casper & The Cookies please do say hello. I imagine I'll be the only guy there in a Cubs hat hanging out under a microphone stand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince & The Colts!

9:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indy all the way & thank goodness for the win. We in the Midwest didn't need a city of Ditkas running around thinking they are all the top sausage.

8:31 PM

Blogger Rich said...

For those of you trying to grab the Prince track, I took it down. Other sites were hotlinking to it and it wasn't worth the bandwidth to keep it up.

Party on.

7:32 PM


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