Wednesday, February 7

Inner Banks

If you live in Atlanta and listen to Album 88 on a regular basis, you've probably heard a good deal from Inner Banks. Their self-titled release on DAG! Records has received heavy airplay on Georgia State's terrific radio station. A quick review of my old posts reveals an unfinished draft of a note on them back on December 1. I imagine it was a casualty of either being busy or distracted by putting together my year-end features that week. Oops. Although they're probably ancient in blog terms at this point, I thought I'd revisit them.

Inner Banks is primarily the Brooklyn-based married team of David Gould and Caroline Schultz, each of whom is a veteran of other established acts (bio here). Like Great Northern, much of Inner Banks' appeal is their atmospheric sound, defined by mood as well as melody. However, they're more akin to a fusion of Americana and post-rock than in the dream pop realm. While I prefer the tracks with vocals to instrumentals (e.g., "Acoustic" below), I've been generally impressed with everything I've heard from them to date.

Inner Banks - Anthem
Inner Banks - Glittering Sky
Inner Banks - Acoustic

Good stuff. To learn or hear more from Inner Banks, check out their MySpace.


Blogger Rachel said...

Ha! You beat me to this one! So obviously we both have been sitting on this one for a bit. I have been loving them, good stuff indeed. :)

8:24 PM


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