Saturday, February 3

No postage required

Yet another selection of goodies from my inbox for your consideration:

The Icicles - Sugar Sweet [lovey-dovey pop]
The Paper Airplanes - The Fences [epic indie rock]
The Visitors - Stop What You're Doing ['90s-esque indie rock/punk]
Summer Wardrobe - Ned Kelly [pop with Americana elements]
The Makes Nice - Candy Wrapper [melodic indie rock]
Brent Amaker and The Rodeo - Bring Me the Whiskey [foot-stompin' country]
The Coach and Four - Hello Destroyer [poppy-yet-angular indie rock]
The Safes - Phone Book Full of Phonies [power-pop/dance-rock]
Postscripts - This Is [hushed indie folk]
My Teenage Stride - To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge [bouncy dance-rock]

A few of these I like quite a bit. Dig in!

If you want more info on an artist, feel free to ask.


Anonymous AndrĂ© said...

Otimas musicas!
vou baixar mais

11:56 AM


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