Thursday, January 25

Atlanta/Athens concert info

Just some quick tidbits, mostly in chronological order...

The Features, Wax Fang, and Luigi are playing a free show at The EARL on Saturday, January 27. I hope to be there.

The Features - The Beginning (week one)
Luigi - Mariposa

Georgia Fireflies will play the Aurora Coffee location in the Virginia Highlands at around 8pm on Saturday, January 27. It's free, too.

C&T local faves The Preakness have a 4-song 7" release at the presses right now, and they'll be playing a free acoustic show at Aurora Coffee in Atlanta's Little 5 Points on Sunday afternoon (about 5pm).

The Preakness - What They're Saying (demo)

Ice Cream Socialists have just booked a headlining gig at the 40 Watt in Athens on Thursday, February 1. Don't know who else is on the bill, but that should be fun.

Ice Cream Socialists - Day of the Danny

The Feb. 3 Yo La Tengo show at Variety Playhouse and the March 14 Band of Horses/Cary Ann Hearst [love her!]/Arizona show at The EARL are nearly sold out. If you want tix, buy 'em soon. I just bought mine for Band of Horses, et al., but I'll probably miss Yo La Tengo to go see How I Became the Bomb that night in Athens.

Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair
Band of Horses - Funeral
Cary Ann Hearst - Dust & Bones
Arizona - Splintering

Madeline will be playing a CD release show for The Slow Bang at the 40 Watt on February 3. I'm gonna try to go catch her set after seeing How I Became the Bomb at Caledonia. Thank God downtown Athens is pretty small.

Madeline - I Left the Light On

The Black Lips and Dark Meat have scheduled shows together at the Bottletree in Birmingham (Feb. 22), Whirlyball in Atlanta (Feb. 23), and the 40 Watt in Athens (Feb. 24). This strikes me as the kind of genius that put peanut butter together with chocolate. You know those will be wild.

Black Lips - Not a Problem
Dark Meat - Dead Man

Of course, Jeff Tweedy is in town at The Tabernacle on Monday, January 29. That's C&T's first birthday, so there will be reason to celebrate beyond it being my first Tweedy solo show.

Jeff Tweedy - Is That the Thanks I Get? (live)

Now, go see some live music.


Blogger Matt Musick said...

And don't forget The Rapture / All the Saints at the Masquerade tomorrow (Saturday) night!!!

11:18 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Didn't even realize they were on a bill together. That's an odd pairing, I'd think. Should be fun though.

11:28 AM

Blogger Matt Musick said...

The Rapture hand-picked ATS to open for them. Can't wait...

2:28 PM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

one of the people you just mentioned is the new cover for the april issue. but i can't say who. at least not here. ;-)

2:44 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'd guess, but only about 3 of them wouldn't be suitable candidates. ;)

6:59 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

And don't forget the Fireflies will be playing Dunch at the Earl Sunday after the Get Up Johns and Before Tag Team (Leanna will be singing a song with Tag Team.)It starts around 1 PM.
See you at Jeff Tweedy! (I'm assuming I can buy a ticket at the door.)

1:53 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I haven't been to dunch in forever. That is always fun though as long as you score a good table.

2:00 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Well I screwed up. Tweedy is sold out. Do you know anyone with an extra?

2:10 PM

Blogger Rich said...

No clue on Tweedy extras. But haven't talked to anyone about it either. Can anybody help Amy out?

Should see ya tonight at The EARL though. :-)

2:22 PM

Blogger The Falconer said...

The Features were great last night.

2:14 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'll second that.

Now to see The Preakness in a couple hours...

2:49 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Luigi and the Features, wow great night! (And it was nice to chat with you; you left before I could say 'bye.) I didn't get away from the Earl today in time to make the Preakness show. Hopefully they'll still honor my frequent flier card...

10:28 PM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

and it's not who you think. trying to take things in a different direction. so probably one of the 3.

2:55 PM


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