Friday, March 23

Boogie fever

Mountain Goats - Dance Music [live 10-28-2005]
Keller Williams - Last Dance with Mary Jane > Breakdown > LDwMJ [Tom Petty cover(s); live 11-19-2006]
Eric Hutchinson - I Wanna Dance with Somebody > How Will I Know [Whitney Houston cover(s); live 10-9-2006]

What a week. There's been a good show every damn night! Just got home from Youth Group/Aqueduct/The Preakness, and the hits just keep on coming here in ATL. Song links are provided if the artist has something free and legal online.

Friday, March 23

Bird, Rescue Mission, Tiger! Tiger! @ The EARL

Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Delta Spirit @ Vinyl

Cold War Kids - Heavy Boots
Tokyo Police Club - The Nature of the Experiment

Dean and Britta, Cortney Tidwell @ Variety Playhouse

Dean and Britta - Singer Sing
Cortney Tidwell - Eyes are at the Billions

Saturday, March 24

Squat, Georgia Fireflies @ Smith's Olde Bar

Mute Math, The Cinematics, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ Variety Playhouse

The Cinematics - Break
SSLYBY - Oregon Girl

Bishop Allen, +/- {Plus/Minus}, Say Hi to Your Mom, Parade @ The EARL

Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click
+/- {Plus/Minus} - Steal the Blueprints
Say Hi to Your Mom - Snowcones and Puppies
Parade - Penelope Shoes

Pete Yorn @ Center Stage

Brooks Meeks (of The Close), The Orphins, S.I.D.S., The Blue Hour @ 11:11 Teahouse

I'm hitting the Cold War Kids tonight, and on Saturday I'm planning to hit SSLYBY and then jet over to The EARL in time for +/- and Bishop Allen. Woo!


Anonymous brandon said...

damn,'re awesome. also wanted to mention this show's blue hour's last in atl as keith is moving:
11:11 teahouse
Brooks Meeks (acoustic)
The Orphins
The Blue Hour
8:30, $7

11:40 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah! Ya, Tracy told me about that one last night. I had no idea it was even happening.

11:42 AM

Blogger tolar said...

there are still tickets left for cold war kids on! i'm not sure why vinyl is claiming it's sold out...

12:55 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That's odd. Maybe they don't want to make any more money?

1:01 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Oh no fair! I want to come! Damn you Georgia and your music scene! :-P


12:55 AM


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