Saturday, March 17

The Folk Yous

Sure, it's pretty much a gimmick. But it's also a celebration of the music we've grown up with. The Folk Yous are an Athens-based act, now a trio, that plays acoustic versions of classic rock songs. Comprised of Courtnie Wolfgang, Julie Dyles (also of Murder Beach and Big Gray), and Jesse Flavin, they've become a popular live act in their home town. I haven't seen them live just yet, but it's apparent that their catalog includes songs originally performed by such distinguished and accomplished artists as Journey, Def Leppard, Asia, REO Speedwagon, and Guns N' F'n Roses. Their Myspace profile says they sound like "couples skate," and that alone should be enough to heart them.

The Folk Yous - Heat of the Moment (Asia cover)
The Folk Yous - Don't Cry (Guns N' Roses cover)

For those in the Athens area, they have upcoming gigs at Little Kings (4/9) and Caledonia Lounge (5/4). If you'd like to take this opportunity to go watch Asia and their God-awful haircuts rock out to "Heat of the Moment" back in '82, be my guest (link to YouTube).

And because it would be downright criminal not to post this while it's relevant, here's audio of Eric Cartman performing "Heat of the Moment" while addressing Congress -- one of my all-time favorite South Park moments:

Eric Cartman - Heat of the Moment (Asia cover)

I would post video, but it appears to have disappeared as a result of the recent war between Google and Viacom. Sigh.


Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Oh, I didn't know Jesse played with them. He's a great guitarist.

2:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I think he's a new addition in the last couple months.

Do Julie and Jesse also play with The Good Ship? I haven't been able to figure out their lineup.

2:33 PM

Anonymous james said...

thanks for posting this rich. enjoyed it.

that moment is only trumped by cartman's 'come sail away' you guys.

6:15 PM

Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

No J/J in Good Ship. Rob Lomax, Jesse, Liz Durrett, and Brent Jones.

7:21 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, thanks Sloan. I still need to see them sometime.

10:22 AM


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