Wednesday, March 21

Youth Group, Aqueduct, and The Preakness at The EARL, 3/22

On Thursday night (3/22), it looks like the place to be in Atlanta will be The EARL. That night, three high quality indie/power pop bands take the stage. Australia's Youth Group, Seattle's Aqueduct, and Atlanta's own The Preakness should all get your head bobbin' and feet movin'. That is, unless you wanna just stand there with your arms folded holding your PBR. That's alright too.

Youth Group - Sorry
Youth Group - Dead Zoo
Aqueduct - Living a Lie
Aqueduct - As You Wish
Aqueduct - Growing Up with GNR
The Preakness - I Thought I Was in Control

Note that The Preakness will be selling their new 7" release on Eskimo Kiss Records at the show. More on that in the near future...


Blogger Christy said...

What an awesome show this would be! And March 22nd happens to be my 26th birthday! Alas I live in Delaware. **jealous of the Atlantians**

3:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Well, you've got a full day to get here. ;)

5:22 PM

Blogger beans said...

however, i might also like to point out that the appleseed cast (amazing!!!!) is playing at the drunken unicorn that night, as well. still don't know which show i'm going to attend...

7:56 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That they are. I have a copy of Peregrine around here somewhere too. Just not too excited about that show right now. Currently sorta bored with the whole emotive indie rock thing.

8:09 PM


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