Wednesday, March 7

Silver Lakes, Luigi, and Mary O. Harrison on Thurs. at The EARL

While I have a moment before bedtime to post, I wanted to highlight a few acts playing at The EARL on Thursday night (March 8). That evening a pair of Atlanta's finest pop acts (Silver Lakes and Mary O. Harrison) take the stage along with one of its leading power pop outfits (Luigi).

Silver Lakes is the project of ex-Seely member Steven Satterfield. Their The Great Pretenders was released last year to a warm local reception, with tracks ranging from atmospheric pop to heartfelt folk-pop. Luigi, fronted by Michelle Dubois, should probably be familiar to C&T readers by now -- I've featured them here at least a couple times in the past. Songstress Mary O. Harrison may be new to the blog, but it seems that Mary is in attendance at just about every show I attend these days in Atlanta or Athens. She obviously has good taste. I'm eager to see her do her thing. Tracks from each of the artists:

Silver Lakes - Be Here Now
Luigi - Wash It Down
Luigi - Mariposa
Mary O. Harrison - Where is Charlotte Anne?


Blogger Paulie said...

I've mentioned before that Mary O Harrison is very pleasing to my eyes.

I am going to try and make it to The EARL also.

8:46 AM

Anonymous Political.Asylum said...

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9:46 AM


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