Monday, February 26

Ben Gibbard solo in ATL, May 12

Death Cab's Ben Gibbard is embarking on a solo tour in May, including a 5/12 stop at Center Stage here in Atlanta. Should be fun, although I fear with the band's current popularity tickets for that venue will be higher than I'd like.

Rather than repost Gibbard tracks I've posted before, I'll refer C&T's readers to a complete 2001 show by the Death Cab frontman at It's Hard to Find a Friend. Here's a taste:

Ben Gibbard - Photobooth [live 1-19-2001]

The full slate of dates is available from Death Cab's Myspace.

UPDATE: Well, tix are $20. Not bad at all. And David Bazan of Pedro the Lion is opening. Nice.


Blogger Myriem said...

Oh man, thank you SO much for the link to the full show! I'm on the east coast, and it's a three hour drive to the closest show I could theoretically make. I was hesitant to commit to making the drive without having an idea of how Ben is live. Thanks!

6:07 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Not a problem. Do note that the show I linked to was very informal and small, so I imagine the upcoming shows won't be as sloppy or chatty. I could be wrong. Hopefully we can still count on a goofy cover though. :)

6:12 PM

Anonymous ives said...

i have already purchased my tix to the atl show! i can't wait, i saw death cab at the fox, but i have really wanted to see ben in a smalled venue.

6:38 PM


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