Saturday, February 24

Elekibass, Velcro Stars, Ice Cream Socialists at 40 Watt, Feb. 26

There's a great big sold-out show tonight here in Atlanta -- Of Montreal with Elekibass and Psychic Hearts at Variety Playhouse. I'll be there (and hoping Kevin B. keeps his knickers on), so I hope to run into a few C&T friends. Rather than focus on that show I'd like to highlight what is happening at the 40 Watt in Athens on Monday night (2/26). That evening Elekibass takes over the top spot on the bill with support from Murfreesboro's Velcro Stars and the Athens-based Ice Cream Socialists.

The Velcro Stars and Ice Cream Socialists have been featured here before, and both are rising bands from the southeast. Elekibass, for those unfamiliar, is a Japanese mod-pop band that sounds something like an Eastern descendent of The Kinks, Os Mutantes, The Beach Boys, and early Of Montreal. Some songs are sung in English and some in Japanese, but just about all I've heard make you want to clap along and/or grab a tambourine. I've never seen 'em live, but have been given a multitude of gushing reviews when I have asked folks about them lately. I suppose I'll find out tonight when they open for Of Montreal.

Elekibass - Almanack [courtesy HHBTM]
Elekibass - Springtime is the Season [Of Montreal cover]
Velcro Stars - Cascade
Velcro Stars - Pavilion
Ice Cream Socialists - Day of the Danny
Ice Cream Socialists - Zagnut's Revenge

It's going to be a fun next few days. Woo!


Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Elekibass puts on a fun show. Last summer when I taped 'em, they came into the crowd and did a song right in front of the mic stand.

1:48 PM

Blogger alex said...

I've got photos from the Variety show here

1:09 PM

Anonymous chris hassiotis said...

Rich, I didn't know you were heading to that show on Saturday. I was there as well. It was great!

2:05 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, and I taped Elekibass and Of Montreal. If you ever saw a mic stand poking out of the crowd, I was under it. :)

I'll be at 40 Watt tonight too. Woo!

2:07 PM

Anonymous Johnakin said...

God I loved that show, I would love it if I could get the audio from that show. Elekibass just blew me the hell away, I think thats the best time I've ever had at a concert.

10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Alex. Is the Elekibass photo set on Flickr set to private?

1:36 PM


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