Monday, March 26

SXSW Aftermath

Over 4 days I got to see 34 bands and a bunch of comedians. Here's some acts that I saw that will be making their way through the Atlanta area soon:

Deerhunter has their record release show on Friday, March 30 at Lenny's with Kill Gordon and The Coathangers

Greg Ashley is playing with his group Medicine Fuck Dream at the 11:11 Teahouse on Saturday, March 31.

Antibalas are at the Variety Playhouse on Wednesday, April 11 with Chin Chin

Black Lips
The Black Lips are playing a benefit show for Jessica "Juggz" at Lenny's on Thursday, April 12

Snowden is also playing that benefit show at Lenny's on Thursday, April 12 along with miniDESTROY

MC Chris
MC Chris is at Vinyl with Piebald on Tuesday, April 17

The Hiss
The Hiss have a record release show with Dead Confederate at The EARL on Friday, April 27

Zach Galifianakis
Zach Galifianakis is at The Roxy on Saturday, May 5

Dark Meat
Dark Meat is playing with Elf Power at the Georgia Theatre in Athens on Saturday, May 12

Sloan play The 40 Watt in Athens on Tuesday May 15

The Carbonas are at Lenny's on Thursday, May 24 with The Wax Museums and Frantic

Los Straightjackets
Los Staightjackets are playing with Big Sandy from Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys on Saturday, June 16 at The EARL with The Iguanas

And if you'd like to see more of my SXSW photos, they are here:


Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

funny. i was thinking rich saw all the same shows as alex. of course, i forgot the part where rich alreaday told me he didn't go to austin.

5:44 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Silly goose.

6:02 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

FYI: Deerhunter is also playing Criminal on Monday, April 2nd, before they head out on tour. The in-store is at 7PM, and it's free. And there will probably be cake. Because that's how we roll. That's all. Oh, wait, that's not all. This is completely unrelated to music, but since I'm here typing... David Arquette will be at the store this Thursday for kicks. 7PM and free also, but no possibility of delicious cake.

9:45 PM

Blogger Rich said...

David Arquette? That's odd.

What the heck will he be doing? Just shopping and raving about 1-800-CALL-ACT?

9:53 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

OMG! That's so funny. I totally forgot he used to do those silly commercials. I could only remember Scream, Scream 2, and, uh...I guess I stopped there. David is in town to promote his directorial debut, The Tripper. It's a horror movie and that's where my interest ends, but I figure other people like horror movies and stuff, so ta-dah, David Arquette will be at the store on Thursday.

1:12 AM


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