Monday, April 23

ATL items of interest

Pitchfork reports that The Decemberists will play a series of orchestral shows on their upcoming tour, including their July 13 stop in Atlanta (at Chastain, specifically). I suppose this means they'll be playing with the ASO? Need to look into some confirmation on that.

The Decemberists - The Soldiering Life

Southern Comfort Music Experience has announced its lineup for May 11-12, 2007, at Centennial Park in Atlanta. There's nothing yet to get me downtown. Friday is Wolfmother, Mickey Avalon, and Rose Hill Drive. Saturday's lineup is Cypress Hill, Galactic, Sick Puppies, and Zac Brown Band. They claim to still be adding bands, so we'll see.

Wolfmother - Woman

Je Suis France will be at Drunken Unicorn on July 14. Welcome those guys back to the neighborhood.

Je Suis France - That Don't Work That Well for Us

Star Bar will host Jucifer on June 29. That'll probably excite some locals.

Jucifer - Amplifier

Canadian sensation Feist will be at Atlanta's Variety Playhouse on June 15 with Grizzly Bear along for the ride. Pitchfork has the full set of dates.

Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, On a Spit

Lenny's has added a date for Marky Ramone on June 1.


Anonymous Brandon said...

It is with the ASO.

According to the site, the presale begins May 5, 10amh EST

4:32 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah! Great, thanks. I thought I'd skip that after Bonnaroo, but I would like to see them play with the ASO...

5:11 PM

Anonymous mike said...

We'll be playing the locals stage...
Pistolero that is.
That should give you a reason to brave the hazards of downtown.

7:13 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nice! I remember The Whigs played the locals stage last year. Any idea who else will be there on that stage?

9:01 PM

Blogger tolar said...

fyi, i wanted to warn you about the decemberists + ASO, as i've been taken in by this trickery before! i've gone to shows that have said "XYZ Band with the ASO", but the ASO just opened up for the band, and played some movie themes, classical pieces, etc. not sure if this is the case with the decemberists show or not. i think the ticketing is managed at the woodruff arts center. they should be able to say whether they're playing together or not.

11:28 PM

Blogger tolar said...

so i will revise my last statement. on the, they now list their atlanta date as a "symphony date."

10:32 AM


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