Thursday, April 26

Silent Kids, The Preakness, Mary O. at Lenny's on Fri. night

Things are crazy now at the end of the academic year, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned a really swell show this weekend in Atlanta -- Silent Kids (rock/psych-pop), The Preakness (indie rock/pop), and Mary O. Harrison (folky pop) at Lenny's on Friday night (4/27). Three really good acts on one bill, and the action starts around 9pm. Trashed Dance Party follows, which means I leave immediately at midnight.

Silent Kids - Drift into the Summer
The Preakness - What They're Saying
Mary O. Harrison - Where is Charlotte Anne?

I've been busy and buried lately, but I want to get out for this one.


Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...


4:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

For the readers, FAB's booing was because I'll be skipping her birthday bowling extravaganza to go to this show.

I'm a bad friend.

4:29 PM

Blogger gnomead said...

I added a bonus Beulah song to my post just for you! Thanks for the help!

12:44 PM


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