Wednesday, May 9

And all the day you'll have good luck

One record I've been spinning a lot at C&T HQ is the new release, I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real, from Portland's YACHT on Marriage Records. As I'm sure the artist/label intended, I've found the first single particularly irresistible. Now YACHT has released a video for "See a Penny (Pick It Up)" that's just about as enjoyable.

In the video our hero is a misplaced and lonely penny, trolling the streets of Portland in search of companionship. I imagine the PDX folks out there can easily identify the locales where the copper wonder ventures. Dig the Of Montreal and Peter, Bjorn and John posters in the record store window too. I wonder if I've been in that place...

Who knew trains were such murdering bastards?

From I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real:

YACHT - See a Penny (Pick It Up)
YACHT - Platinum [featuring Bobby Birdman]

You can buy the album from Marriage Records.


Blogger Rachel said...

I would have never guessed it either, quite honestly I am shocked!

But mmmm YACHT is irresistable indeed, yummy!

4:17 AM

Blogger Rich said...

My buddy James in Portland informs me that I have indeed been to that record store with him. Apparently it's a block from Powell's and we went there when I visited in 11/05. Neat.

12:49 PM


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