Wednesday, May 16

AthFest and Popfest updates....

As many of you are aware, I've had an eye on Athens a lot lately. Why? My happy arse is moving there in a couple months. With that in mind, I've been paying attention to the Athfest and Popfest announcements. Both are incomplete lists, but here's most of what's known so far:

Athfest - June 20-24

Drive-By Truckers, Dark Meat [!!], The Whigs [!!], Dexateens, Velcro Stars [!!], Madeline [!!], M Coast [!!], Tin Cup Prophette [!!], Warm in the Wake [!!], Venice is Sinking [!!], Little Country Giants, Jack Logan, Modern Skirts, Mouser, Murder Beach [!!], Nutria, Perpetual Groove, Psychic Hearts, Southern Bitch, The Squalls, Time Toy, Squat, King of Prussia [!!], Cars Can Be Blue [!!], Casper & the Cookies [!!], Don Chambers, Cinemechanica, Bain Mattox & Shot From Guns, Bang Bang Bang, David Barbe, Wild Sweet Orange, Allison Weiss, We Versus the Shark, Beyond Tomorrow, Bobby Yang & his Unrivaled Players, Bob Hay & The Jolly Beggars, Dead Confederate, Divine Maggees, The Dumps, Electa Villain, Lake City, Morning State

Athens Popfest - August 8-11

Daniel Johnston [!!!], Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Circulatory System [!!!], Elekibass [!!], Dark Meat [!!], Casper & the Cookies [!!], High Water Marks [!!], Red Pony Clock, Bunnygrunt, the American Revolution [ft. Robert Schneider] [!!!], Cars Can Be Blue [!!], M Coast [!!], Darren Hanlon, We Versus the Shark, Ideal Free Distribution [!!], Poison Control Center, Cinemechanica, How I Became the Bomb [!!!], the Smittens, Velcro Stars [!!], Kite Flying Society [!!!], the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Fishboy, Ryan Anderson, Birds of Avalon, Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies, Yellow Fever, New Sound of Numbers, Titans of Filth [!!], Patience Please, Venice is Sinking [!!], Hat Company, Christopher's Liver, Black Kids, Jerk Alert

Good grief...

Vince Herman - Saturday Night in Athens Town [live 11-13-2004]


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