Wednesday, May 16

The Dismemberment Plan @ The Black Cat, April 27-28

These shows were never really on my radar since they took place in D.C., but The Dismemberment Plan made some big noise a couple weeks ago. Although they had been dormant since 2003, the band came together for a pair of reunion shows at The Black Cat to benefit the ill son of Jawbox vocalist/guitarist J. Robbins. Pitchfork gave the shows a positive review, and accounts I've heard from locals who attended have been gushing.

Luckily, a kind soul taped those performances and has uploaded them to the wonderful Live Music Archive. You can download either the April 27 or April 28 performance, and after an initial listen I'm pleased to report that both are clean matrix (audience + soundboard) recordings. Here are a few tracks from each to sample:

The Dismemberment Plan - The Ice of Boston [4-27-2007]
The Dismemberment Plan - Gyroscope [4-27-2007]
The Dismemberment Plan - A Life of Possibilities [4-28-2007]
The Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb [4-28-2007]
The Dismemberment Plan - Spider in the Snow [4-28-2007]

For more on the beneficiary of the shows, please see Desoto Records' site about little Cal Robbins. The little guy is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and could really use your help.


Blogger KTM said...

"Emergency & I" stands as one of the best records of the last ten years (that I've heard). Thanks for posting this.

btw my 'word verification' is 'ewjung'-- I might not agree with everything the man has to say, but I don't find him icky!

3:12 AM

Blogger Valerie said...

I think I actually snuck onto the recording at the end of Saturday's "Ice of Boston." Quite possibly the shows of the year for me.

Thanks for posting this, Rich.

3:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure thing. You were the one who was all excited about these shows to begin with. ;)

3:25 PM


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