Monday, June 11

Athens hearts Tullycraft

Back in 2003, AAJ Records and bumbleBear Records teamed up to release First String Teenage High, a collection of Tullycraft covers by various indie pop and twee bands. Among the bands participating were Murder Beach and Bugs Eat Books, both of which are Athens standouts. While there are a number of strong contributions on the compilation, I'd easily consider their tracks among my favorites.

Murder Beach - 8 Great Ways
Bugs Eat Books - Sweet

First String Teenage High is available from for only $7.

Murder Beach plays Athfest on June 22 at Caledonia Lounge.


Anonymous sarah said...

tullycraft rule!!!!!!

2:50 PM

Blogger sideb0ard said...

yay! Theres a brand new Bugs Eat Books single out now too, a limited run 3" cd - new video to go with it too -find them at

7:22 AM


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