Wednesday, June 6

Kings & Queens of Nevada City

I've spent some time lately soaking in the Grass Roots Record Co. Family Album, a collection of artists from the Nevada City, California, area. Along with including known quantities like Hella and Alela Diane, it also served as my introduction to several other interesting artists. Among them is experimental/psych/dream pop act Kings & Queens, who apparently got some notice from blogs last year that passed me by.

The band is primarily the project of Richard Good (also of The Pleased) and Andrea Good, with other friends taking part in the live band and studio projects. What I've heard of them sounds very promising, sometimes lush and atmospheric and other moments driving and melodic. Their track on the aforementioned compilation ("What's in Mind") presents a more subdued side of the band. I'm eager to hear more.

Kings & Queens - Slow Motion
Kings & Queens - King's Theme
Kings & Queens - Coming Apart

The band reports
that they'll be going into the studio this month to finish an LP due later this year. For now, their current EP is available from their website for $7, postage-paid. I ordered mine today. For more, see their Myspace.


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