Friday, July 27

Jump, Little Children - "Mountains So Grand"

Four or five years ago, one of my favorite bands to see live was Charleston, South Carolina, art-rockers Jump, Little Children. They appealed to my pop tastes and appetite for originality and variety. I've also encountered few bands so devoted to interaction with their fanbase and happy to share in their excitement.

One treat they offered up to their fans in about 2003 was the ability to order custom CDs jam-packed with JLC demos and B-sides. I, of course, ordered one with a dozen such tracks. Among them was one epic song that was always a live favorite of mine, but has still never received a proper studio release. "Mountains So Grand" prominently features Jay Clifford's soaring vocal along with Ward Williams on cello and Matt Bivins on harmonica and flute. This is a studio demo of the song so it's not perfect, but it's a nice taste of a tune that officially appears only on their 2006 Live at the Dock Street Theater 2-CD set.

Jump, Little Children - Mountains So Grand (demo)

JLC is currently on indefinite hiatus, but still maintains a web presence and Myspace page.


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I love Jump, Little Children. Their song "Mexico" is awesome.

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