Saturday, July 14

Bjork adds dates, hits Atlanta on Sept. 17

I won't claim for a moment that I know much about Bjork, but I suppose it's a big deal that she'll be visiting Atlanta on September 17. That night she'll be at the Fox Theater, one of a small number of recently annouced tour dates (full tour at P'fork).

Bjork - Venus as a Boy

Pre-sales are July 18-19. You can find more info at Bjork's site.


Blogger mediahostage said...

Holy crap! I saw Bjork on the "Debut" tour here in Atlanta, and that was the last time she stopped here as far as I can remember. I also saw the Sugarcubes at the Masquerade sometime in the mid-late I feel old.

Last time I saw Bjork was at the Hollywood Bowl in LA back in '03 or '04; fantastic show in a wonderful venue.

I'm VERY glad to see that she's doing the FOX instead of f'n Lakewood or some such nonsense!

2:15 PM

Blogger The Falconer said...

Very excited about seeing her in ATL. September is shaping up to be a big month for good music.

12:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's DEFINITELY a big deal that she's playing Atlanta -- her U.S. tour probably won't be very extensive, and a lot of artists skip the South altogether given the option. Hooray for Bjork! (That "Earth Intruders" song gets stuck in my head so bad!)

9:48 AM

Blogger Mike said...

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9:51 AM

Anonymous Mike said...

Got my tickets during the presale. I have been wanting to see her for a long time, and she never came anywhere near Atlanta. I am very much excited, and might even get to shoot the show which will be awesome. Having bjork singing right in front of me might cause a heart attack.

9:52 AM

Anonymous charlie rumble said...

$80.85 (after all the ticketmaster fees) for one ticket, I hope she puts on a good show!

10:51 AM


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