Saturday, July 14

Transform, and roll out

What happens when the composer/performer of the most awesomely cheesy movie theme song of the 1980s attempts to revisit his past triumph? Hilarity ensues.

Hasbro (yes, the toy company) has made available two new recordings from Stan Bush, whose "The Touch" was among the oddities on the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack in 1986. He's given us a new recording of "The Touch" along with a brand spankin' new song about robots in disguise. I ain't saying these are good, but I got a kick out of them.

Stan Bush - The Touch [2007 version]
Stan Bush - Til All Are One

You can see the scene in which "The Touch" appears in the '86 flick on YouTube. It's the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron, right after which millions of children 21 years ago wept openly. Many of you probably know why.

As for music C&T readers might actually want to hear, I plan to work on my tapes of the 7/11 St Vincent show and 7/13 Decemberists w/ ASO shows in the near future. Trying to wrap up some professional responsibilities before working on time-consuming posts or music editing.


Blogger Paul said...

We should be given medals for posting Stan Bush tracks on our blogs.

7:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There also happens to be an absolutely bitchin' version of this song in "Boogie Nights". Mark Wahlberg sings it in the studio when he's trying to launch his post-porn recording career.

8:36 AM


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