Wednesday, July 4

No postage required

I've been busy lately and getting way more music than I can keep up with. Still, I've found a few gems in my Inbox/mailbox and around the web that seem worthy of more attention. Some have been around elsewhere, others not so much. Feel free to give 'em a test drive...

Scout Niblett - Drummer Boy [experimental folk; touring w/ St. Vincent]
Little Brazil - You and Me [pop rock]
Jesca Hoop - Intelligentactile [too-cute neo-pop songstress]
Zookeeper - I Live in the Mess You Are [folky pop/rock]
Diplomats of Solid Sound - Cookie Time [instrumental funk]
The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Rooftops of Bangor [throwback girl group]
The Last Town Chorus - It's Not Over (Jim Barber remix) [lap-steel heroine]
Erin Lang - Happy to See You [hushed electro-folk]
Kurt Hagardorn - You Are My Girl [country-tinged pop]
Mouthful of Bees - The Now [angular (?) indie rock]
Alina Simone - Black Water [siren grrrl]

And some golden oldies, just because:

Tullycraft - Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About
Jens Lekman - You are the Light
Fruit Bats - A Bit of Wind
M. Ward - Big Boat


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