Sunday, July 29

Or, the Whale

San Francisco band Or, the Whale will be appearing at Caledonia Lounge in Athens on August 4, sharing the stage with Tin Cup Prophette and Vulture Whale. Or, the Whale plays a brand of country/folk rock with an experimental bent, not unlike such bands as Sleepy Horses, Long Knives, or Kid Dakota. They also venture into more traditional bluegrass at times, which doesn't bother me one bit.

Or, the Whale - Call and Response
Or, the Whale - Saint Bernard

For those curious what they'll be up to, the band is maintaining a tour blog as it scampers and wanders around these United States. The first show is tomorrow in Austin, so there are a lot of entries to come...


Anonymous Todd said...

Damn!! Call and Response rocks some serious ass. I hope these guys find some time to swing through Atlanta. Tour takes 'em right past us to TN.

2:55 PM

Anonymous Matthew said...

That's another fine one you've unearthed there Rich. I love his voice.

6:32 PM

Blogger Rich said...

It's amazing what bands you can come across when you start Googling the upcoming openers at Caledonia Lounge. ;)

6:36 PM

Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Wow, what a great picture, the music is something else !!! Really good - love it !!!!

4:29 AM

Blogger The Whale's Tale said...

Thanks for the plug, Rich. Athens treated us real nice. The sound was great, the crowd were really positive and respectful, and the other bands ruled. We'll be back thru Athens next time around for sure.

3:22 AM


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