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The Decemberists w/ the ASO 7-13-2007 @ Chastain Park Amph.

First, I need to thank Ben/Sherbz for providing this audio. I haven't gotten around to editing my tape of the show, but he sent me a link to his that I very much appreciate. For those keeping score, he also taped the Sufjan show from the Fox that that was posted here. Good man!

Photo by Ashley Melzer

Among the stops on The Decemberists' recent symphonic tour was a July 13 visit to Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta. It was a unique show, and I'm glad that I attended. Colin Meloy was chatty and in good spirits, and seemed to be amused by the atmosphere at Chastain with seated yuppies watching the band while dining on wine and Triscuits. Personally, I wanted to slug a number of people in my vicinity who chatted throughout the set and only acknowledged the band by occasionally asking each other "Is this still the same song?" Yes, it is. Now shut up.

The symphony added an epic element to the material, and the addition of strings and horns really took a few songs to the next level. If you were reading here back around Bonnaroo then you can probably guess my highlight of the show -- "The Tain" with an orchestra? Oh, sweet Lord...

The Decemberists
with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
July 13, 2007
Chastain Park Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA

...The Crane Wife 1 & 2
The Infanta
We Both Go Down Together
The Bagman's Gambit
The Perfect Crime No. 2 (w/o ASO)
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
The Tain
O Valencia! (w/o ASO)
I Was Meant for the Stage
- encore w/o ASO -
16 Military Wives
Mariner intro > The Mariner's Revenge Song

It sounds like Ben had the same problem I did at the start of "The Crane Wife 1 & 2"... the band came out suddenly and right on time (8pm!), so it seems we both missed the beginning of the song. C'est la vie.

You can download the full show from Sendspace [123 mb].

If you're more the visual type, several videos from the show are on YouTube. There are also photos on the Paste blog taken by Ashley Melzer.

Thanks to Scrivenings for reminding me which songs included the ASO.


Blogger rachael m. said...

Whee! Thanks, Ben/Sherbz/Rich.

The two times I've been to Chastain lately (the one other time, I was only 10 or 11) I've wanted to slug some folks, too. And I'm not the sluggin' kind.

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