Saturday, August 4

Emily Easterly

I don't care what Cartman says. Brooklyn's Emily Easterly is living proof that there's nothing wrong with Gingers.

I'm hesitant to characterize Easterly as a singer-songwriter, although that description would be accurate -- I just don't want to invoke the idea she's some fragile flower strumming an acoustic guitar. Her stuff is lo-fi, raw, and electric. I'm pretty sure there's some sort of mp3 blog drinking game where shots are consumed if a female artist is compared to PJ Harvey or Cat Power, but I'd toss those out as apparent influences. Her Myspace also features a live cover of Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down" if that provides some hint of her sound.

She has reportedly been in the studio lately, but here are a couple tracks from her 2005 release Seasons Never Change:

Emily Easterly - Slow Motion Blink
Emily Easterly - Miami

(Note that these files aren't streaming properly with the 'play' buttons)

Easterly is in the middle of a Southern tour right now, including a stop in Athens on Monday night. After leaving lovely Asheville she heads back to the northeast.

8/02 Metro Cafe, Savannah, GA
8/04 Churchills Pub, Miami, FL
8/06 Tasty World, Athens, GA
8/07 Town Pump Tavern, Asheville, NC
8/12 The Living Room, New York, NY

You can purchase her music from her official site.


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