Saturday, August 18

Other Sound Music Festival, Sept. 6-9 in Atlanta

From September 6-9, the Other Sound Music Festival will take over four of Atlanta's key indie rock venues one at a time. This is the third annual installment of the festival, which features bands from several Atlanta-based record labels.

This year's headliners include All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Moresight, Luigi, and Untied States. In addition to those Atlanta bands there will be numerous supporting acts on the bill. Here is the full lineup for each night, with audio samples when available:

Thursday, 9/6 @ Drunken Unicorn
9:30 Envie, 10:15 Mary O. Harrison, 11:00 Pistolero, 12:00 Moresight

Pistolero - The Kissing Bandit

Friday, 9/7 @ The EARL
Main stage:
8:45 PM Fernandina, 9:40 Citified, , 11:00 The Press, 12:20 All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
Side stage:
10:20 The Yum Yum Tree, 11:40 Lay Down Mains

All Night Drug Prowling Wolves - I Cannot Say
The Yum Yum Tree - Tetherball

Saturday, 9/8 @ Lenny's
Main stage:
8:35 Silent Kids, 9:45 Jupiter Watts, 11:00 One Hand Loves the Other, 12:30 Luigi
Side stage:
8 PM No Disassemble, 9:10 Novelift, 10:20 The Orphins, 11:45 Club Awesome

Luigi - Mariposa
Silent Kids - Drift into the Summer

Sunday, 9/9 @ 11:11 Teahouse
7 PM Jeff Evans, 7:45 Batata Doce, 8:30 Tenth to the Moon, 9:30 Untied States

For more info, additional audio, or a chance to win a four-day pass, check out the festival's Myspace page.


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Thanks Rich! The next few weeks look crazy here in Atlanta. (I may need to look into renting a second body.)
Also, next weekend is the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. the schedule is now up at

2:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

moresight blew the room apart last night

3:52 PM


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