Wednesday, August 8

Van Halen 7-6-1984 @ Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN

Really, isn't this just about the most predictable reunion of the year?

David Lee Roth, the clown prince of '80s rock, is reuniting (again) with Van Halen for a tour this fall. The dates are to be announced next week, but for now here's a live set from the band (arguably) back in their prime. Well, at least at their commercial peak. Good enough.

They're supposedly planning 50 dates. I guess if The Police can tour, they can too. I don't keep up with Van Halen gossip (shock!) but it's hard to believe they can reunite with Diamond Dave but not Michael Anthony. Go figure.

Van Halen
July 6, 1984 - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN

01. Unchained
02. Hot For Teacher
03. On Fire
04. Running With The Devil
05. Little Guitars
06. Cathedral / House Of Pain
07. Jamie's Cryin'
08. I'll Wait
09. Everybody Wants Some
10. Girl Gone Bad
11. 1984
12. Jump
13. Guitar Solo
14. Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison/Bill Dees]
15. Panama
16. You Really Got Me [The Kinks]
17. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

The full show is available from Sendspace [102mb].

If you have 4:33 at your disposal, YouTube is hosting VH's video for "Pretty Woman" once banned by Music Television. I understand this was their first video. My guess is that it was forbidden because it features two little people feeling up a drag queen, although it may have been due to its utter stupidity.


Anonymous Michael said...

I saw Van Hagar live back when I worked for their record company here in ATL. They were pretty terrible but the highlight of the show was Michael Anthony setting his bass on fire and then stomping it out. How can you replace someone like that?
On a more serious note, he also sings all of the high harmony stuff live, I hope Wolfgang has been taking some singing lessons!

10:53 AM


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