Monday, August 6

Packway Handle Band - "Just What I Needed"

I pretty much despise the idea of all those Pickin' On ____ albums that have appeared the past several years. They're rooted in a lame gimmick, and I think the thrill was gone after hearing The Gourds do "Gin and Juice" and Hayseed Dixie do an album of bluegrass AC/DC covers. However, a big smile came to my face when I heard Athens bluegrass champs Packway Handle Band cover The Cars' "Just What I Needed."

Packway Handle Band - Just What I Needed [The Cars; live 12-28-2005]

I guess I'm a sucker for this stuff after all. Might just have to pick up that Pickin' on Creed album. It's only $.20 plus shipping!

Packway Handle Band is on tour out west right now, and the full schedule is on their webpage.


Anonymous Lance said...

I've heard a number of country bands cover this tune. Jesse Dayton's Nashvegas version for instance.

And for more craziness, here's a ridiculous attempt at Faith from Big Head Todd's keyboardist Jeremy Lawton. (Yes, it's a crappy quality mp3...)

9:05 PM


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