Friday, October 19

Black Olive - "Salty Bite"

Can you guess who was too busy to tinker with his blog this week? Anyway, back to the goodness...

Black Olive is a Los Angeles act that I stumbled upon via KRCW's Today's Top Tune podcast. That the picture above is rather grainy is appropriate, as finding information on Black Olive seems to be about as easy as snapping photos of Bigfoot (the creature, not the truck).

What I can tell is that they're an indie folk duo comprised of James Combs and Kelly De Martino, and they have quite a talent for hooks and bittersweet lyrics. Moments of this track remind me of Flaming Lips in their more sedate moments, and that ain't a bad thing.

Black Olive - Salty Bite

Hit up their Myspace for more 411.


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