Friday, October 12

Got my mind set on you

Ah, the late 1980s. When even a former Beatle could release one of the most annoying songs ever.

On this date in 1987, George Harrison released his cover of "Got My Mind Set on You," the centerpiece of his comeback album Cloud Nine. As you might recall, it went on to get stuck in the head of each and every breathing American for months. I was a grade-schooler at the time, and remember rocking out to Cloud Nine while dancing like a madman and playing air guitar on an aluminum baseball bat. I was awesome. Too bad my guitar skills haven't improved since. Let's relive those days, eh?

Not hard to believe it shot up to #1 by January 1988. But good grief, that chorus...

George Harrison - Got My Mind Set on You

By the way, bad album cover or the baddest album cover? Nice shades, George.

I think Weird Al had it right:

Weird Al Yankovic - (This Song's Just) Six Words Long

But then again, doesn't he usually?


Blogger Chad said...

we totally roller-skated (and rocked!) to that song. It still brings fond memories of fourth grade to mind.

12:48 AM

Blogger Mr Rossy said...

I don't care how cheesy that track is, it's fuckin brilliant !!!

9:30 AM

Anonymous Paul said...

Did you know that there are two videos to this song?

Love your blog btw...

8:45 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I don't remember the other one, but it has been 20 years...

8:50 AM

Blogger Charles said...

God I love Cloud 9. George's work in the 80s is seriously underrated in my opinion. Cloud 9 might be my favorite album from him and Gone Troppo isn't far behind.

Got My Mind Set on You is nowhere close to the best song on it. It's kind of a shame it's the one that ended up being associated with it.

3:01 PM


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