Tuesday, October 30

Hard 'N Phirm - "Rodeohead"

With Radiohead getting all the buzz these days, it might be time to revisit a related bit of ridiculousness. A few years ago L.A.-based comedy/parody duo Hard 'N Phirm released a bluegrass medley of Radiohead songs that took the Interwebs by storm. Today it came up on my iTunes. I hope it doesn't cause fans of Yorke and co. to have nightmares/convulsions.

Hard 'N Phirm - Rodeohead

See more of their absurdity on Myspace or their blog.


Blogger samantha fay said...

No matter what he does with his life, I will never be able to disassociate Chris Hardwick with Mtv and Singled Out. He and Jenny McCarthy were such a dynamic duo!

9:49 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Wow, I hadn't thought about that show in ages. Pretty sure it was on MTV about four hours a day when I was in junior high.

10:05 AM

Blogger samantha fay said...

Yes, and I watched all of them!

2:55 PM


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