Monday, October 1

Tullycraft - "The Punks are Writing Love Songs"

Seattle's Tullycraft are pretty much indie pop royalty, and word of their forthcoming release has been working its way around ye olde 'Net with alacrity. Every Scene Needs a Center hits October 23 on Magic Marker Records. For now the band is teasing us with another in their vast catalog of anthemic pop/twee tunes, the rollicking "The Punks are Writing Love Songs." Pump those fists, kids.

Tullycraft - The Punks are Writing Love Songs

Visit Tullycraft Nation for more sights, sounds, and words.


Anonymous katie said...

this song is sooooo good!!! thanks for posting it!

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a great song.
I read about it first in a cute music blog.

12:37 PM


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