Thursday, September 27

Charlotte Martin

Looking over some concert listings, I noticed that singer-songwriter/pianist Charlotte Martin will be at The Loft in Atlanta on Friday night, September 28. Martin caught my attention with a very nice EP a few years ago, but I haven't kept up with her career. She seems to be doing quite well. I'm obviously behind with regard to her catalog, but I remember having a soft spot for this silly little song from her live shows. Quite a charmer, though it sounds like she could scare a gent too:

Charlotte Martin - I'm Normal, Please Date Me [3-10-2004]

Goofy song aside, "Veins" from her 2006 EP of the same name demonstrates a side more akin to artists like Bjork or Tori Amos with soaring vocals and interesting beats. A peek into her evolution, and much different from the older material in my collection:

Charlotte Martin - Veins

For more on Charlotte Martin, see her official site or Myspace.


Blogger Kashfi said...

Stromata was a cool song by her; i heard it on a promotional cd in a mag, forget which one. but she has a lot of potential.

thanks for posting this, loving what im hearing on her myspace music player.


11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Charlotte's covers album. It should be terrific.

11:33 PM

Blogger The Polyglot said...

She's an incredible talented artist: amazing voice, great piano player, and even great to talk to in person, but her performance left me disappointed. The venue WAS small (read: postage stamp) but she was just overwhelming. Incredibly loud and overdone. She wasn't the swooning lyrical pianist that she is on her albums, and certainly isn't a Tori Amos, although I can see the association. I'd give her another shot, though...

12:52 PM

Blogger Rich said...

No way I'd say I know her material well enough to stand firmly behind the Tori reference as a strong comparison. She's just become shorthand for soaring-to-quivering-female-with-piano. Ya know?

12:59 PM

Blogger The Polyglot said...

I can see it, but i just don't know that there's anyone of the same caliber as Tori. Even her predecessor taht everyone likens her to (Kate Bush) is a different musician entirely. Tori's got her own style, lyrics, etc. She's more classical in some ways than Charlotte, but has has more experience after 9 studio albums. Charlotte's great, but I guess I'm not as emotionally connected since I haven't been listening to her for the past decade.

8:45 AM


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