Wednesday, October 3

Y-O-U - "Moviekiss"

C&T likes to feature Atlanta and Athens locals, and there will be a bit of that in the coming days. First off, I wanted to share a song I've liked for a while -- "Moviekiss" by Atlanta's pop/rock outfit Y-O-U. I've enjoyed the song since I first got it a while back, but Leila alerted her readers this week to a Lite Brite-centric video with a remix of the tune, prominently featuring the magic of colored light.

Pop + Nostalgia = Swoon. Feel free to check my math.

Y-O-U - Moviekiss
Y-O-U - Moviekiss (Lite Brite remix)
Y-O-U - Moviekiss (live 3-10-2007, acoustic) [with Bobby Yang and Rob Henson]

Y-O-U have several upcoming shows in the Atlanta area, dates for which are on their Myspace.


Blogger theleila said...

hells yeah - spreading the lite brite love =)

9:56 AM

Anonymous luis said...

thats the Ben H. Allen (grammy award winning engineer for Gnarls Barkley) remix!

3:45 PM


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