Monday, November 12

Beatbeat Whisper

It's been a while since I've featured something sweet and fragile, so it may be a nice time to spotlight Beatbeat Whisper. They're a duo from California's Bay Area who play looooovely indie folk. Press accounts have thrown around names like Devendra Banhart and Jolie Holland when describing their music, and the comparisons seem appropriate. They remind me a bit of Elephant Parade without being terribly quirky. Very nice acoustic stuff, a gentle blend of New Weird America and '70s singer-songwriter sensibilities.

Beatbeat Whisper - Up the Long Tracks
Beatbeat Whisper - Lulu
Beatbeat Whisper - Little Window

Their current, self-titled album is available online and you can hear more tracks at Myspace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these kids!

3:22 PM

Anonymous payam said...

Davyd and Ayla are amazing...

3:36 PM


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